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Writing Feedback

a writing workshop

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Writing Feedback Workshop
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This community is for people who would like critical feedback on their writing. Members share their own work and give feedback to other members in return. Pretty simple.

There's only one rule to this community:
If you're going to post your work, make sure you comment on other people's work first.

There are some common sense guidelines:

- Don't post completed pieces. If you aren't willing to change it, there's no reason to ask for criticism.

- Don't link to work on another site. It's difficult enough to keep track of comments when they're all in one place, don't make our jobs harder.

- Be polite but critical when giving feedback to others. Spelling, grammar, form, style, and writing techniques are all valid subjects for discussion.

- If you're going to say that something's good, you need to give a thorough explanation as to why it is good. A vague "That's the best thing I've ever read" from people might make you feel good, but it's worthless for improving writing. It'll help your ego more than your writing and that's not why you're here, right?

Your mods are sleepinbeauty, roseross (who's also moderating livepoets), and kenosis.

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